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People who plan and run swim meets and other youth activities are terrific! So are those who help. Very few are paid what they are worth, yet each helps. Although thousands swim competitively, information and tools to help people host swim meets are not readily available. As a result, people spend too much time and effort “reinventing the wheel.”

There has to be a better way, right?

There is.  People can share ideas and resources and help each other. HostGreatMeets brings people together with needed resources.

Work with Volunteers, Develop Leadership and Team Success

Many of the tips shared here work at other events and activities too, not just swim meets. The “Get Help” and “Team Success” sections on the menu feature many broad-based posts. The “Get Help” area offers practical tips for those working with volunteers at swim meets and beyond. The “Team Success” part features posts that help people use meets and other events to increase personal leadership and team unity. The team you build may be an organized sports team or another group of people.

Featured Posts

Electronic DQ Form for Swim Meets

Electronic DQ Form for Swim Meets

Looking for a free, quick, accurate, and paperless way to collect disqualification (DQ) information from swim meet officials? Here’s one idea to consider: invite officials to use their smartphones to turn in DQ information using an electronic DQ…
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Virtual Swim Meet: Swim Local, Compete Wherever!

Virtual Swim Meets

A swim meet concept that’s quickly gaining popularity is the Virtual Swim Meet. This type of meet allows teams to compete against each other but swim locally. How? Meet administrators combined the results. USA Swimming clubs may compete…
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COVID Times Swim Meet Tips

COVID Times Swim Meet Tips

This post offers specific guidance to officials, coaches, and meet directors about hosting swim meets in COVID Times. You’ll find links to more resources at the bottom. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, teams must follow laws,…
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Increasing Swim Meet Safety

Increasing Safety At Swim Meets

Most people would likely agree that safety at swim meets is important. It’s a high priority for governing bodies like USA Swimming as well as parents, coaches, officials and pool owners. However, it’s one thing to agree that safety…
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8 Ways to Ask for Swim Meet Timers

8 Ways to Ask for Swim Meet Timers

At a swim meet and need timers? Here are eight ways you, or someone else, can ask for help. For best results, begin asking early in the warm-up period. Wondering what to say to those you ask?  See,…
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